PinoyWish Hero – Will Devaughn


Our first PinoyWish Hero is Will Devaughn. He is an actor / commercial model born February 27, 1982.

He entered the Pinoy Big Brother house, during its Celebrity Edition 2, and became the fourth big placer of that season. He arrived in the Philippines in 2004 without knowing a single word of Tagalog. His biological father is of mixed Filipino and African American lineage while his mother is of German descent.

We invited him in our “Operation Buchog” Feeding Program in Tondo Manila. He immediately say YES and from then we know that he really has the Heart for the needy.

What made him our PinoyWish Hero:

How did you know PinoyWish Foundation?

I was happy to find them on Instagram.

What do you care most?

Elderly, Children, Animals, Disaster. I care for all but the ones that speak to the heart the most are children.

When did you feel that you have the heart for this?

Since I arrived in 2004 I knew I wanted to be part of a foundation. Being able to help those who will never be able to pay you back is a divine duty.

If you were not in Showbiz, will you still support the needy?

I would still volunteer. I feel that it’s about being aware that people struggle and are in need of a little bit of care and laughter.

Being the PinoyWish Hero, what can you contribute?

My honest sincerity to spread happiness and hope.

Who is the Hero of your life?

My mother. No matter what she always looks to the positive side.

What makes you have the Pusong Pinoy?

I’ve travelled and lived in different parts of the world but my heart chose the Philippines. The land and people are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I love it’s simplicity. I’ve noticed, no matter how big the struggle, there is always room to smile.


Wish and you will Receive