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Pinoy Wish is always looking for people who share our goals and would like to contribute their time as volunteers. We look for people who might help us with anything from basic legwork to more complex tasks that require a unique skill set. You could be part of our foundation, take an eloquent break from the routine to stimulate your being within and to bring out best in yourself and would like to use your free time ingeniously by giving it back to the society. We do work in a variety of development which includes Education, Environment and Empowerment projects.

If you would like to volunteer, please tell us about yourself and what skills or services you would like to offer. We will contact you once we receive your information.

All information shall be treated in the strictest confidence. Age and gender information is for statistical purposes only.

Feel free to call us at (632) 984-9218 for any queries, or email us at info@pinoywish.org

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